What is a boba tea?

Boba tea is a tapioca pearl drink developed in Taiwan in the early 1980's. Traditionally boba drinks are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Z and J makes our own simple sugar with only water and pure cane sugar to sweeten our drinks. Additionally, the boba itself is normally sweetened with high fructose corn syrup as well, we use a local organic honey to sweeten our boba! 

Boba is a texture experience, they are chewy, sweet and fun. These drinks are consumed through big fat straws. These boba pearls can be added to any smoothie and any boba flavor can be made into a smoothie.


What is in a Z and J rice bowl?

Calrose white rice. We steam red, yellow and orange bell peppers, celery and broccoli for about 10 seconds then the veggies go into an ice water bath to cool in order to keep the veggies a bit firm and not soggy. These veggies are weighed and portioned and specific veggies cannot be added or removed as they are individually bagged for assembly.

The rice bowl sauce and spicy sauce are the only two sauces that we do not make from scratch in house. We use a Soy Vey sesame teryaki as the main sauce and a Sriracha garlic pepper sauce - both on the side.

The normal rice bowl is 16 oz. and is served in a microwave safe bowl. A super cool option to this rice bowl is to order "the larger size ricebowl with all the veggies". Thou mightest ask why? Indeed. This request will result in a $3 additional cost, but will eliminate the microwave safe bowl and your product will go into a small salad container which is twice as big (32 oz.)  and the rice bowl will be built on top of a layer of all sandwich veggies (carrots, onions, cilantro and cucumber). The additional sub veggies listed can be adjusted to suite your taste. For example if you would like to eliminate onion and/or cucumber that is not a problem.

If you are super hungry you should opt for the larger size rice bowl, it is crazy delicious. Just remember you cannot microwave this product later!


What is an Avocado Melt?

I can't believe its not butter, Johny's garlic parmesan spread, cheese of your choice on both sides of the bread and avocado. 

This item was intended to be an accompaniment to our delicious salads, but many people buy them with a drink as a mid afternoon snack.

We do not offer additions or substitutions with this item. If you would like to add meat, you must just order the sub of your choosing.