Emily L. Emily L. Grosse Pointe, MI


***** This place is a gem  seriously good eats here. Boba and Asian subs? Can't go wrong.  They pack a lot of flavor in those subs and the boba seems fresh and the smoothies are tasty. The boba tea is great too if you prefer teas.  

I really loved the number one ordered SPICEY and careful they mean spicey! I love spicey hot foods so this wasn't a big deal to me but my husband had a hard time.  Also the rice bowls are tasty too and good for the kiddos.  

All in all good experience here and it keeps me coming back.  We live in Brookings and don't come down often but anytime we do I'll be hankering to come back here because the food is that good. 

Gini W. Eureka, CA



*****Fresh, delicious, and quick. It's not often these three adjectives can all be used to describe one restaurant experience. This is a drive through where vegans, and carnivores both, will be sated with tasty subs, rice bowls, or Boba tea. One of the two owners is always there, a sign that your business is valuable and your satisfaction important. With all that going for it, what's taking you so long? 

Tera R. Los Alamitos, CA



*****This is the only place in Humboldt to find good boba. The owners are super friendly and you can tell they care about the customers! 

Jennifer S. Eureka, CA



*****My favorite part of this place is the owner. He is so extremely friendly and sincerely loves his sub place. He has greeted me around town, and he once gave me free HiChew candy when I got a sub once so I could try it. That is a fantastic way to run a business and encourage customer loyalty (he has mine).  

Aside from the great people, I absolutely love the Vietnamese subs here. They have their own twist, different from typical banh mi. The spicy and mild sauce are both delicious. The cilantro on top is the perfect addition. I am partial to the chicken and pulled pork subs.  

They have a ton of awesome boba tea flavors, too. I love it.  

A+, 100% recommend. 

Allie H. Eureka, CA



*****Amazing place, wish we would have discovered this sooner. Great local place for an outstanding pulled pork sandwich they offer other types as well. As I was ordering I heard them they say they make their own sauces, and meat never frozen and they get their bread fresh from a local company! Next time I'll try the BBQ beef sandwich, and their popular boba tea!!!! 


Nicole R. Eureka, CA



*****I pick up a boba smoothie here so often that I've become a regular that they know, which I absolutely love. The boba in their drinks is so fresh and delicious, the real fresh fruit is refreshing, and the ability to customize your order (say with soy milk or popping boba, etc etc) is awesome. And that's without mentioning their sandwiches! The flavors of their marinated veggies are just to die for. I just love this little shop, as if the super cute t-shirt of theirs that I got wasn't evidence enough. 

Annie B. Eureka, CA



*****Amazingly delicious sandwiches! I have never been let down by their taste large size or price. The boba Thai tea is also amazing. 

Ginger S. Moon, PA



*****Amazing BBQ beef sub with an Asian twist. One of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. The honeydew melon boba tea was also spectacular. If I'm ever back in Northern California I'm definitely stopping here!! 

Ivy V. Eureka, CA



*****I love this place!!!! It reminds me of the bay every time I go, so it makes for a wonderful treat. They definitely do a good job on the pickled carrots and cilantro and I love their menu options. Even their vegetarian sandwich is fantastic! They have the best boba tea in town and I would recommend this to anyone. I definitely enjoy their portion size and have made one sandwich last me all day. I recommend to anyone! 

Alyssa P. Arcata, CA



*****This place is a drive through take out style sub shop with oh my gosh, amazing smoothies!! To die for fresh fruit flavor infusions. Super friendly staff! The man even gave us a smoothie sample while we waited in the car for our food. It was of some amazing lychee banana smoothie that he said some guy orders twice a day. Wow! Fresh flavoured food and delicious unique ingredients for their sandwiches 

Juliet C. Eureka, CA



*****I went today for the first time after years of curiousity and I'm so mad that I've been missing out all this time. The owner recommended the pulled pork and it was awesome! Everything is so fresh. Also got the strawberry boba smoothie and he threw in some banana and pomegranate juice. It was a really good combo :) service was friendly and fast, definitely recommend !